Liz with the 6-year-old super talent Diego del Sol (Olivier x Idaho’s Majesty)

Customized Training Programs

Liz is widely regarded as one of the most talented young professionals in the United States. She has trained and competed multiple horses to the international levels, many of whom came to her as problem horses or with minimal training. Liz truly believes in treating each horse as an individual and not rushing them because they are a certain age or are talented. Her training program is based off the schedule she learned while training at Carl Hester’s yard in England- two days of ring work, one day of a lighter ride which may be hacking or hill work or cavalettis, two more days of ring work, another light day and then a full day of rest.


Below are just a few of the benefits for horses in full training board:

-All day or 24 hour turnout in individual paddocks (or with a friend if they prefer!)
-Option of grain free, non-GMO diet
-Hay is fed in slow feed haynets to promote a healthy digestive system and minimize chances of ulcers
-Checked every day for muscle soreness, potential saddle fit problems, ulcer points
-Stretching before every ride with a variety of stretching techniques designed to target potential problem areas (poll, neck, back, sacroiliac joint)
-Special attention is given to the horse’s overall mood and general well being (if anyone is pinning their ears back, we want to know why)
-Horses are given treats (we like to use Peppermint Tums!) throughout their workouts for positive reinforcement and to encourage their enthusiastic participation and eagerness in training and learning new things
-Monthly massage and/or chiropractic is encouraged (these horses are top athletes and should be treated as such)
-Products like Sore-No-More and Traumeel are applied to any sore areas
-Option of having horse’s legs iced after every ride


Hacking out in our beautiful meadows

What are some of the benefits of hacking out?

-Builds trust and confidence between the horse and rider
-Allows the horse to be exposed to new situations and surroundings
-Is an opportunity for the horse to be ridden on a variety of surfaces and over different terrain, strengthening tendons and ligaments
-Shows the horse that being ridden isn’t only about working, thus improving his attitude toward riding
-Gives the riders a chance to have some fun and simply appreciate their horses



Liz and her own horse, Coltrane (Olivier x Doruto). Regional Reserve Champions in his second show ever! Started and trained exclusively by Liz. Photo Credit- Johnny Klemchuk

Riding Lessons

Liz has had the opportunity to teach a wide variety of students: beginner to Grand Prix and seven-years-old to seventy. She has helped more than a dozen students earn their USDF bronze, silver and gold medals. Liz is a succinct, patient, encouraging teacher, and truly believes she can make a huge difference for every rider. Please inquire for availability.

In the winter, Liz heads south and operates her business in Wellington, Florida.

If you are interested in lessons or training, please contact Liz for current rates and availability.

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