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Welcome to our newest sponsor, Emerald Valley! Their company goes along the lines of what we believe in so many ways offering a huge line of natural, homeopathic and herbal supplements. I have been a long-time believe in one of their top-selling items, Speedi-Beet, which I was first introduced to over a decade ago. The fast-soaking, ready in 10-minutes, no sugar, non-GMO beet-pulp is the base for our unique and completely grain-free feeding program which focuses immensely on the horse’s well being starting in the gut. Speedi-Beet is also excellent for hard keepers, horses with metabolic issues and horses with a history of laminitis.

I first started using Succeed in 2006.  I had a young horse at the time who would colic every time we took her to a show or clinic. Very mildly, but she would get uncomfortable, stretch out like she wanted to pee, and generally just act a little painful. After I put her on Succeed she was a different horse. Happy at the shows, her muscling improved and her girthiness disappeared. The company’s owner, John Hall, is a true horseman and has spent countless hours on the phone with me troubleshooting behavioral and performance issues. I recommend Succeed to all of my clients and feel it has truly revolutionized the industry in digestive health and support.

horsetechsmallI absolutely swear by my HorseTech products. They are now offering a service where they will make you an individualized, custom combination of all of the supplements your horse needs. Their The new Sportwerks offers the best, most effective absorption of MSM, Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine, Chondroitin and Vitamin C. I also love their sugar-free electrolytes which contain potassium, chloride, magnesium, calcium and several trace minerals to help my hard-working horses! I also have all of my competition horses on Gutwerks, their digestive supplement. To top it off, they are by far one of the best companies to work with, with incredible customer service, excellent turnaround time on orders, and they even send free people cookies with every shipment!

FITS is my official clothing sponsor.  They offer apparel for all seasons, from their super lightweight summer breeches to cozy, fleece-lined winter weight. For the upper body, they have a wide-variety of options, from beautiful button-down collared shirts (always my choice for my sales videos!) to their new, lightweight show coat to long-underwear for the sub-zero temperatures. I often will wear my light-weight coats out on the town and always get lots of compliments.

customlogoMy partnership with Custom Saddlery marks my first sponsorship obtained for Coltrane. I love that there are so many different seat and sizing options, in addition to the saddles coming in a whole array of colors with different detailing options available. It also helps that you won’t break the bank purchasing one! I think saddle prices have gone out of control so I love that, again, I am supporting a US based company with affordable products!

I just can’t say enough good things about these girths! For YEARS on my big bodied horses I struggled with saddles going forward. Foregirths, shims, no-slip-pads… nothing would work. Check out some of the old photos of Olivier and I showing and you will see what I mean! And then, finally we got smart and realized just because a horse has a more forward girth groove.. the girth can be made to accommodate. There are a ton of different options for saddle pads, shims and girths on their website, I HIGHLY recommend checking it out! Your horse will thank you!

My partnership with BioStar began in 2016. I have been feeding my horses what I refer to as the “hippie diet” for a few years now, all thanks to a lecture I attended given by Biostar’s founder, Tigger Montague, back in 2012. The premise of the diet is that horses are fed whole foods, versus the overprocessed crap being produced by most of the major feed coorperations. If we are feeding ourselves better, why not try to feed our horses better, too? “BioStar US provides Authentic Nutrition to your animals. All of our products are made with whole food, providing the highest quality and best absorption rates. Never included: chemically created nutrients, additives, fillers, binders, flavorings, preservatives, coal tar derivatives or acetate. Soy and wheat free. Non-GMO, and organic. You can feel good about giving BioStar to your animals!” Currently, I am feeding my horses the BioBites and MetaBites, which have almost entirely replaced my horses weekly sugar cube consumption! Before we were going through boxes of sugar a week (what can I say, I have a very reward-able group right now!) but thanks to BioStar they’re now not only getting rewarded, but eating something that’s good for them! And for my fatties (ahem, Beethoven and Coltrane) they have the Metabites for horses who really don’t need more calories. Of course, as with all of the other products I support, BioStar is MADE IN THE USA.

We have used the TheraPlate in our program since 2015. It is truly REMARKABLE the difference it can make for a horse! “The patented TheraPlate is proven to counter the effects of chronic inflammation conditions, speed healing, reduce pain, and aid in the prevention of injury. The TheraPlate is easy to use, proven effective, portable and very affordable. Introducing horses to the TheraPlate is so simple. Horses quickly express that they are enjoying the relaxing and beneficial daily sessions on the TheraPlate.” We have found it especially effective for foot pain and to help calm the hotter horses before work.